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Quality is one of the core values of Wiseton.  We are accredited by TÜV to the ISO9001:2008 quality system and we follow the procedures set out for our compliance rigorously, when it comes to our precision machine service.

We have a philosophy of continuous improvement and we have set internal standards for our approach where quality is embedded within our processes.

Our Quality department participates in all new product developments and the preparation of the relevant quality documentation.  We understand PPAP and ISIR requirements and we are used to working at automotive levels for many of our customers that often require us to undertake capability studies for our manufacturing.

Our quality team joins every project at its inception and implements the quality plan.  For production items our ongoing supplier support program ensures quality levels and delivery performance is maintained throughout the product lifecycle.

precision machine service provided by wiseton industries

We have an effective in-house quality statistics system providing accurate and timely data for quality improvement planning implementation.  We also carry out annual quality audits internally.


All inspection staff have received the National Certificate of competence and are also in charge of internal and external third party calibration in line with our quality system.Test facilities and instruments

In the unlikely situation where an issue occurs we have a set timeline to deal with any issues:


  • Complaint acknowledgement within one working day
  • Written corrective action plan within 1-3 working days


The quality team will then head the cross-functional 8D team as required to follow the issue through to a solution that satisfies our customer and our internal team.

We have a comprehensive set of tools to help our quality department ensure that we can measure and analyse components and assemblies.

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