Precision Parts Manufacturer | Our Approach

Wiseton treat every customer and enquiry as a project in its own right.  This structured and disciplined approach ensures that this precision parts manufacturer offers a consistent and high quality experience irrespective of whether the enquiry is for a single component or a complete product.

The project development team is assembled upon receipt of the initial enquiry, at which time the project plan/control documents are produced and mile stones are agreed with the customer.

Our project development teams are multi-discipline and consist of:

  • Process engineers
  • Mould engineers
  • Quality engineers
  • Sales engineers
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The project engineers take charge of new projects from initial inquiry.  When a customer has a new product we often work very closely with them offering our advice to ensure that their final design optimises manufacturability and cost control to maximise the benefit to them.

During the project regular progress meeting are scheduled to ensure that the development phases are in line with the plan, e.g. mould production, material supply, quality control documents etc. The team will remain in force until three production batches have been completed, at which time there will be a final handover to the operations department.

This detailed and wholistic approach to every project ensures that we deliver:

  • Consistent quality
  • On time
  • On budget
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Why should you select Wiseton Industries as your sub-contract manufacturing partner?

Since 2000 we have been supplying customers across the globe.  Our continued growth is based on building long term relationships by exceeding our customers expectations.  Cost, quality and delivery are core to everything that we do.

As a precision engineering company working with milling, CNC turning, gears, welding, powder coating and assembly we work closely with our customers to offer the best value engineered solution that meets their requirements for cost and quality.

We are able to work well with customers of all types and sizes, from the very small that require a turnkey solution to the very large that have complex requirements and specific ways of working.  Wiseton Industries are also capable of efficiently supplying complex components and assemblies in small volumes as well as high volume simple components thanks to our thorough range of CNC equipment that allows us to use the right machine for each item.

From our factory near Shanghai, China we export mainly to Europe and North America with customers in the automotive, mobility, automation and many other industries.